Wiki Spy

![Spy]( "Spy") The Spy is a master of disguises. He can kill any player in one hit by stabbing them in the back. While he is a great assassin, he is also very easy to kill once he is discovered by the enemy team, since he does very little damage against an enemy who is facing him. Property | Rating --- | --- **Role** | Support **Damage** | ![](![](![](![](![]( **Armor** | ![](![](![](![](![]( **Speed** | ![](![](![](![](![]( ## Class specific bindings Key | Command | Description --- | --- | --- **1** | `slot1` | *Equip [Tranquiliser Gun](Tranquiliser-Gun)* **2** | `slot2` | *Equip [Super Shotgun](Super-Shotgun)* **3** | `slot3` | *Equip [Nailgun](Nailgun)* **4** | `slot4` | *Equip [Knife](Knife)* **5** | `menu` | *Disguise menu* **e** | `special` | *Silently feign death* **mouse2** | `+gren1` | *Throw a [Hand Grenade](Hand-Grenade)* **f** | `+gren2` | *Throw [Gas Grenade](Gas-Grenade)* ## Class specific aliases Alias | Description --- | --- `feign` | *Feign death* `sfeign` | *Silently feign death* `dlast` | *Disguise as last used disguise* `dreset` | *Reset disguise* `denemy` | *Disguise as enemy team* `dblue` | *Disguise as blue team* `dred` | *Disguise as red team* `dyellow` | *Disguise as yellow team* `dgreen` | *Disguise as green team* `dscout` | *Disguise as [Scout](Scout)* `dsniper` | *Disguise as [Sniper](Sniper)* `dsoldier` | *Disguise as [Soldier](Soldier)* `ddemoman` | *Disguise as [Demolitions Man](Demolitions-Man)* `dmedic` | *Disguise as [Combat Medic](Combat-Medic)* `dhwguy` | *Disguise as [Heavy Weapons Guy](Heavy-Weapons-Guy)* `dpyro` | *Disguise as [Pyro](Pyro)* `dengineer` | *Disguise as [Engineer](Engineer)* ## Creating your own disguise aliases The disguise commands (disguise team/skin) are queued when you issue them. This allows for flexible disguise aliases. Use the following alias template: // disguise as team, then as class alias "d; wait; d" // disguise as class, then as team alias "d; wait; d" ### Examples // blue sniper alias bsniper "dblue; wait; dsniper" // enemy hwguy alias ehwguy "denemy; wait; dhwguy" ## Class tips The following are in-game class tips that are displayed when spawning as a Spy. >Watch out for scouts, they will reveal your true identity if they touch you. >Using your weapon or picking up the flag will reveal your true identity. >The spy can throw grenades (mouse2 & f) without revealing his true identity. >The tranquiliser gun (1) slows your enemies down. >The super shotgun (2) does the most damage at close ranges. >With its faster rate of fire, and greater accuracy, the shotgun (3) is more useful over long distances. >Knife (4) your enemy in the back for 3x damage. >The gas grenade (f) will annoy your enemies, causing them to hallucinate. >The spy can disguise (5) his team and class. Sneak past the enemy defences. >An enemy sentry gun won't shoot you while you are disguised (5). >Use feign death (e) to fool your enemies of your demise.