Wiki Heavy Weapons Guy

![Heavy Weapons Guy]( "Heavy Weapons Guy") The Heavy Weapons Guy (or simply HWGuy) is a defensive player that can do a massive amount of damage and kill just about any class in the matter of tenths of seconds. He might be slow, even slower while firing his [Assault Cannon](Assault-Cannon), which may take a second before actually starting to fire. But once it does, nothing in its path will survive. Property | Rating --- | --- **Role** | Defensive **Damage** | ![](![](![](![](![]( **Armor** | ![](![](![](![](![]( **Speed** | ![](![](![](![](![]( ## Class specific bindings Key | Command | Description --- | --- | --- **1** | `slot1` | *Equip the [Assault Cannon](Assault-Cannon)* **2** | `slot2` | *Equip the [Super Shotgun](Super-Shotgun)* **3** | `slot3` | *Equip the [Shotgun](Shotgun)* **4** | `slot4` | *Equip the [Axe](Axe)* **e** | `special` | *Toggle [Assault Cannon](Assault-Cannon) spin mode* **mouse2** | `+gren1` | *Throw a [Hand Grenade](Hand-Grenade)* **f** | `+gren2` | *Throw a [Mirv Grenade](Mirv-Grenade)* ## Class specific aliases Alias | Description --- | --- `lock` | *Lock the Assault Cannon* `unlock` | *Unlock the Assault Cannon* `+lock` | *Lock the Assault Cannon while button is pressed* ## Class tips The following are in-game class tips that are displayed when spawning as a Heavy Weapons Guy. >A bunny hopping heavy weapons guy is very tough to stop with weapons. >The heavy weapons guy is too heavy to grenade jump very far. >Avoid concussion grenades, they stop you from standing still, reducing your accuracy. >The assault cannon takes (1) a while to spin up, use your class special (e) to keep it spinning. >Stand still to increase the accuracy of your assault cannon (1). >With its faster rate of fire, and greater accuracy, the shotgun (3) is more useful over long distances. >The super shotgun (2) does the most damage at close ranges. >MIRV grenades (f) are a powerful way to clear a room or block a bottleneck.