Wiki Engineer

![Engineer]( "Engineer") The Engineer is a defensive player. By himself, he is an easy prey with low armor and low damage. But with a fully upgraded [Sentry Gun](Sentry-Gun), the Engineer is a defensive force to be reckoned with. Property | Rating --- | --- **Role** | Defensive **Damage** | ![](![](![](![](![]( **Armor** | ![](![](![](![](![]( **Speed** | ![](![](![](![](![]( ## Class specific bindings Key | Command | Description --- | --- | --- **1** | `slot1` | *Equip the [Railgun](Railgun)* **2** | `slot2` | *Equip the [Super Shotgun](Super-Shotgun)* **4** | `slot4` | *Equip the [Spanner](Spanner)* **5** | `menu` | *Build/destroy menu* **e** | `special` | *Detonate [Dispenser](Dispenser)* **mouse2** | `+gren1` | *Throw a [Hand Grenade](Hand-Grenade)* **f** | `+gren2` | *Throw an [EMP Grenade](EMP-Grenade)* ## Class specific aliases Alias | Description --- | --- `detdispenser` | *Detonate [Dispenser](Dispenser)* `detsentry` | *Detonate [Sentry Gun](Sentry-Gun)* ## Class information Open action menus for your [Dispenser](Dispenser) and [Sentry Gun](Sentry-Gun) by hitting them with the [Spanner](Spanner). The Engineer can create ammo by using the ``dropammo`` command. This consumes cells. More about this on the [Ammobox](Ammoboxes) information page. ## Class tips The following are in-game class tips that are displayed when spawning as an Engineer. >Watch out for spies. A sentry gun will not shoot an enemy spy disguised as a teammate. >The railgun (1) is accurate on long distances. Use it on stationary objects. >The super shotgun (2) does the most damage at close ranges. >Use the spanner (4) on your sentry guns to upgrade, repair, restock or rotate them. >Use the spanner (4) on your teammates to repair their armor. >Use the spanner (4) on your dispensers to add ammo and armor. >The EMP grenade (f) will explode any nearby ammo including pipebombs on the ground. >The engineer can build (5) sentry guns and ammo / armor dispensers. >Build (5) your dispenser in a defensive position and detonate (e) it when an enemy is nearby. >The more ammo in your dispenser, the more damage it does when it is detonated (e). >Rockets and cells will give the most blast damage from a detonated (e) dispenser. >A sentry gun can be upgraded to level 3, giving it the ability to fire rockets. >A sentry gun cannot be built on a moving platform.