Wiki Combat Medic

![Combat Medic]( "Combat Medic") The Combat Medic supports his team by healing them with his [Healing Aura](Healing-Aura) and [Medikit](Medikit) (which can also be used to poison enemies). When he is not poisoning or healing people, he tears them to shreds with his powerful [Super Nailgun](Super-Nailgun). Property | Rating --- | --- **Role** | Support **Damage** | ![](![](![](![](![]( **Armor** | ![](![](![](![](![]( **Speed** | ![](![](![](![](![]( ## Class specific bindings Key | Command | Description --- | --- | --- **1** | `slot1` | *Equip the [Super Nailgun](Super-Nailgun)* **2** | `slot2` | *Equip the [Super Shotgun](Super-Shotgun)* **3** | `slot3` | *Equip the [Shotgun](Shotgun)* **4** | `slot4` | *Equip the [Medikit](Medikit)* **e** | `special` | *Toggle aura on/off* **mouse2** | `+gren1` | *Throw a [Hand Grenade](Hand-Grenade)* **f** | `+gren2` | *Throw a [Concussion Grenade](Concussion-Grenade)* ## Class specific aliases Alias | Description --- | --- `aura` | *Toggle aura on/off* ## Class tips The following are in-game class tips that are displayed when spawning as a Medic. >The medic recovers from the effects of a concussion grenade (f) twice as fast as other classes. >The medic recovers from status effects twice as fast as other classes. >With its faster rate of fire, and greater accuracy, the shotgun (3) is more useful over long distances. >The super shotgun (2) does the most damage at close ranges. >Use your medikit (4) on teammates to heal status effects and give them super health. >Use your medikit (4) on enemies to infect them with a deadly and contagious virus. >Use concussion grenades (f) to blast enemies away from you and to slow them down. >The concussion grenade (f) blast effect is stronger toward the outside of its blast radius. >Concussion grenade (f) blasts will penetrate walls. Use this to your advantage. >Throw a concussion grenade (f) then position yourself for the perfect concussion grenade jump. >Concussion jumps can be chained for great distances. >Use your healing aura (e) to slowly heal nearby teammates over time.