# Features ## Weapon slots We have added weapon slots to Classic Fortress. What this means is that no matter which class you are playing, the primary weapon (i.e. the best weapon) will always be on `1`, the secondary weapon will always be on `2`, the third weapon (if the class has one) on `3` and the melee weapon on `4`. ## Grenade timers Back in the day, everybody used an audible grenade timer that played "three, two, one, click" to know when the grenade would explode. This allowed the player to perform advanced grenade jumping tricks. Anyone who did not use this sound would be at a disadvantage. So in Classic Fortress, we've added grenade timers server-side. It displays a ticker in the status bar and plays a clicking sound every second until the grenade explodes. ## Responsive menus Classic Fortress brings a total menu code rewrite which makes the menus a lot more responsive than before. They have also been revamped to include functionality that could previously only be accessed using aliases and/or impulses. To open the new menus, press `5` (only available for scout, demoman, spy and engineer). ## Improved status bar The status bar has also been rewritten from scratch and includes more information than before. The rewrite amends the annoying blinking that would take place everytime you would open a menu or get a centerprinted message. It will also update instantly instead of according to a fixed timed update. ## Rebalanced classes When Team Fortress was created, people had a lot weaker hardware and internet connections than they do today. Therefore, some classes have become overpowered (like the Sniper). Change of gameplay strategy has also made some classes obsolete/useless (like the Pyro). This inspired us to attempt to rebalance the classes and try to make them all viable in a teamplay setting. The **Scout** has a new dash command which initiates a perfect bunnyhop. The **Sniper** has had his Sniper Rifle nerfed with a 1 ammo clip and 4 second reload time. This will keep the Sniper from dominating the enemy team while still allowing him to take out important parts of the enemy team at crucial moments. The **Medic** now has a healing aura and a boosted Medikit. Once again he may serve his team as a healer in addition to his role as a powerful Scoutish type class. The **Heavy Weapons Guy** has had his Assault Cannon improved, allowing him to fire while moving. He can also lock his weapon to save ammo while keeping it spinning. This will however reduce his movement speed to a minimum. The **Pyro** has gotten a knockback to his flamethrower, making him more viable as a defensive class. The **Spy**'s feigning ability has been vastly improved, making his fake deaths a lot more realistic. They now generate both death messages and fake backpacks. It is also possible to feign death while airborne. The **Engineer**'s Spanner now serves as a simple way of upgrading and restocking his buildings. He can also monitor the state of his Sentry Gun in the new and improved status bar. [See full changelog](changelog)