# Windows downloads ## Client package This package contains all the client files that are needed to play on Classic Fortress servers. It is an online installer which will download files to your computer. As such, Windows might warn you about malicious software. This is due to the installer downloading "unknown" files from the internet. The mirrors used for the downloads is specified by the [cfort.ini](https://github.com/Classic-Fortress/client-installer-win32/blob/master/cfort.ini) file which you may review as you please. The full [source code](https://github.com/Classic-Fortress/client-installer-win32) may also be reviewed and built if you are still having doubts. **Download [Client Package](https://github.com/Classic-Fortress/client-installer-win32/raw/master/Binaries/cfortress.exe)** ## Server package The server package contains the server files needed to host a server. Unlike the client package, the server also contains a lot of maps that the client package misses (to speed up downloads). When you first start the server, it might shut down directly. This is to prevent an unconfigured server from running. Please edit `C:\cfortsv\fortress\config.cfg` and `C:\cfortsv\qwfwd\config.cfg` from top to bottom before starting the server. Be sure to use safe passwords and please choose a fitting server name for your server. **Download [Server Package](https://github.com/Classic-Fortress/server-installer-win32/raw/master/Binaries/cfortsv.exe)**