# Linux downloads ## Client package This package contains all the client files that are needed to play on Classic Fortress servers. It is a simple bash script that will download the necessary files to play Classic Fortress. If the supplied binary doesn't work for you, you might want to build your own binaries by cloning the [client repository](https://github.com/Classic-Fortress/client). **Download [Client Install Script](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Classic-Fortress/client-installer-linux/master/install_cfortress.sh)** ## Server package The server package contains the server files needed to host a server. Unlike the client package, the server also contains a lot of maps that the client package misses (to speed up downloads). The server needs to be configured before running it. See the [Hosting a server](http://classicfortress.net/wiki/Hosting-a-server) page for information on how to configure and run the Linux server. **Download [Server Install Script](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Classic-Fortress/server-installer-linux/master/install_cfortsv.sh)**