# Changelog ## New features * Map vote (4 random maps + current map) during last few minutes of game (shown for newly spawned or toggled with /togglevote). * Force early map vote using /votenext, /votetrick (trick maps) and /voterace (race maps). * Force map switch to the voted map early using /forcenext. * Auto ID feature (cf\_autoid 1 = on, 2 = teammates only, 3 = enemies only). * Show friendly Sentry Gun health in /id for Engineers. * Show max health and max armor in /id for Medics and Engineers. * Grenade timers (disable with /cf\_grentimers 0 = no timers, 2 = no timer sound). * Grenade slot switching (/grenswitch). * Prime/throw grenades with one button (/gren1 and /gren2). * All teams now have their own class skins (allows for easier customization). * All weapons now have their own weapon models (allows for easier customization). * Weapon slots (1-4) where 1 is always primary and 4 is always melee. * Quick attack aliases (+slot1-4). * Next/previous weapon (/weapprev and /weapnext). * Last weapon (/weaplast). * Remember current weapon and last weapon after dying. * Reload all weapon slots using /reloadnext (one at a time). * Drop hand grenade to ground if primed when dying. * Drop grenades in backpack. * When no ammo left to discard, bring up dropammo menu. * Don't pick up unusable ammo from discarded backpacks (note: this only applies to discarded backpacks). * Don't telefrag teammates when spawning. * Flag carrier now has flag on back. * Don't pick up flag through walls. * Dropping flag now possible on all maps using /dropflag. * Class configs are now executed from /fortress/classes/ subdirectory. * When using class configs, /fortress/classes/default.cfg gets executed first. * Team player count in team selection menu. * Class player count (and class restrictions) in class selection menu. * Changing teams is now allowed. * Free team/class switch during first 10 seconds after spawning. * Change team with /teamblue, /teamred, /teamyellow, /teamgreen. * Responsive menus and status bar thanks to rewritten menu/sbar code. * Clip ammo in status bar ticks up during reload. * Kill streak and personal cap count in status bar. * Stock full health/armor from stocking backpacks. * Option to spawn with full ammo and armor. * Option to use faithful (TF 2.8) gameplay or default (Classic Fortress) gameplay. * Map specific configurations (/fortress/cfg/maps/.cfg). * Show class tips when spawning (turn off with cf_classtips 0). * Updated class help (bindings, aliases and settings) reachable with /classhelp. * Show server settings and mod version with /showtf. * Show legal classes with /legalclasses. * Major code cleanup and rewrites. ## Scout * New special ability "dash" will initiate a bunny hop at 540 speed. * New Scanner menu where Scanner settings can be changed. * Caltrop Canisters no longer "explode" in your hands. * Remember Scanner status across deaths. ## Sniper * Sniper bullets now draw sprites on collision. * Sniper Rifle range increased. * Automatic sensitivity scaling while zoomed in. * Use the special button as a zoom button. * Use mouse wheel to adjust zoom while zoomed in. * Sniper Rifle now needs to be reloaded between shots. * Reload percentage is shown in status bar. * Sniper Rifle power is shown in status bar. ## Demolitions Man * New detpack menu containing 5, 20, 50 and 255 second detpacks. * Changed maximum detpipes allowed per team to 6 per demoman instead of 7 total. * Decrease /detpipe cooldown to 0.5 seconds instead of 0.8. * Stop detpacking by pressing last weapon bind. ## Combat Medic * Healing aura that heals 5 hp every second to friendly players within range (120 units), only active when cells >= 50. * Medikit now heals friendly targets to max health + 50, consuming all cells. * Medic regenerates his own health when cells >= 50. * Cells automatically regenerate at 10 cells per second. * Bioweapon now does 7 damage per second to enemies, up from 7 damage per 3 seconds. ## Heavy Weapons Guy * Assault Cannon can now be fired while moving and while jumping. * Accuracy of Assault Cannon decreased while moving. * HWGuy can now be affected by concussion grenades while firing Assault Cannon. * New class special that stops the Assault Cannon from firing and just keeps it spinning. * Lowered volume for spinning Assault Cannon. ## Pyro * Added knockback to Flamethrower. * Flamethrower flames now get removed upon entering water. ## Spy * Improved disguise menu. * Change color and skin in one sequence. * Last disguise (reachable through disguise menu or using /dlast alias). * Stop disguising by pressing last weapon bind. * New aliases for changing team color (/denemy (if 2 teams), /dblue, /dred, /dyellow, /dgreen). * New aliases for changing skin (/dscout, /dsniper, /dsoldier, etc). * Build your own disguise aliases (e.g. alias bsniper "dblue; wait; dsniper" for blue sniper). * Spy can now feign death in air. * Spy now drops an empty backpack when feigning death. * A fake death message (but relevant to current situation) is now shown when feigning death. ## Engineer * Sentry Gun status (health, ammo and level) shown in status bar. * New Sentry Gun maintenance menu containing simply rotation. * Upgrade/repair/restock Sentry Gun on spanner hit. * Dispenser automatically stocks nearby team members. * Dispenser restock rate increases with more players on team. * Rocket ammo in Dispenser increase explosions more than before. * Repair Dispenser on spanner hit. * Dismantle Sentry Gun/Dispenser using build menu when standing close. * Stop building by pressing last weapon key. * Added message when Dispenser is destroyed. * Added dismantle message to show how many cells were returned to Engineer. * Changed class special to detonate dispenser. * Engineers can now only dismantle own buildings and rotate own Sentry Gun. * Railgun no longer penetrates targets. * No longer possible to build on top of entities like elevators.