# Welcome to Classic Fortress Classic Fortress is an attempt to revitalize the old Team Fortress mod. Contrary to popular belief, Team Fortress for QuakeWorld was the first Team Fortress mod (not Team Fortress Classic, which was a remake for Half-Life). Classic Fortress aims to deliver a complete experience with all parts of the user experience carefully improved while preserving the authentic Team Fortress experience. We have improved the server-side modification by rewriting large amounts of code, fixing bugs and adding improvements that make the gaming experience better and more like modern games. Since hardware and network conditions have improved a lot since Team Fortress was originally released, we have decided to rebalance the classes to match the conditions today. If you are unfamiliar with the Team Fortress franchise, please browse our wiki for a few minutes before connecting to a server.

Recent news

Update 23 Jul 15, 13:20 by empezar | (1 comment)

It's been a while since I last gave you an update on our progress. @delete just recently updated the website using Laravel 5.1. @zel is working on finishing the 24-bit texture pack that will "ship" with Classic Fortress v1.0. I am working on completing the necessary client fixes to make v1.0 a pleasant experience. Basically what I'm doing is adjusting ezQuake's menu system to be simpler and tailored for Classic Fortress. You will hopefully not need to do any console adjustments or config editing to be able to play competitively. Class configuration will be done in the menu. I have also made some changes to the server browser, allowing us to only show Classic Fortress servers in the server list. This should hopefully help you all in the search of compatible servers. All server-side settings (setinfo stuff) are now added to the client, so instead of typing "setinfo df 70" you can now type "cf_fov 70", which will also store your setting in your configuration file. We are always looking for people to help out with this project. So anyone with experience with C, QuakeC or graphics is welcome to join the team. Write a post in the forum!

Finishing touches 20 Jul 15, 22:58 by empezar | (5 comments)

After a long time of very slow progress, the project has resumed. The server-side of the project is now ready to be tested (release candidate state). Client-side there is still some work to be done, but compared to the amount of work that was needed server-side it should be a relatively short process. There is work being done on an updated graphics pack which is due release very soon. In contrast to TF 2.9, Classic Fortress has support for team specific skins and uses different models for all weapons. This will allow graphic artists to create 24-bit skins and textures/models for every aspect of the game. We do not have any graphic artists currently that can do this for us but hopefully as the game becomes more popular, someone will step forward. Until then, our graphics pack should suffice. The official test server for Classic Fortress is fnu.nu:27500. Please bring your friends and try the game out. If you happen to find any bugs, please use the [bug report template](http://classicfortress.net/wiki/Bug-Report-Template) to report it.

Welcome to our new website! 20 Jul 15, 22:43 by empezar | (0 comments)

Up until now, we've basically had a placeholder website consisting of simple HTML code. Now, delete has been hard at work creating this beautiful website which will allow the project to grow as more players discover this great game. Please register, use the forum and share this website with your friends! Don't forget to check out the [wiki](/wiki/)!